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Top Agriculture Trends For 2021


Here are some of the top agriculture trends for 2021:

Aerial imaging

Aerial imaging is expected to be used more widely in 2021. With satellite imaging and drone technology, farmers can now see crop variations and other issues, which are otherwise difficult to spot from the ground. This technology allows farmers to manage their crops more effectively, reducing waste and the chances of losses.

Water management

Farming utilizes plenty of water, which adds to the earth’s environmental pressure. Experts are working on ways to save water and recycle the water used in farming as much as possible. So far, this has been a great success in vertical farming as it utilizes 95% less water.

Water management also involves the use of sensors to monitor the moisture levels of the soil and adding water only when needed. In the past, farmers would water the crops as they saw fit, but with water management software and equipment, they can be certain of the water levels of the crops.

Water management also refers to extreme weather events like devastative rainfall and droughts. With climate change becoming more apparent every passing year, such weather events are also becoming more common. Experts are working on ways to mitigate the effects of such harsh weather conditions with water management strategies and tools.

Increased indoor farming initiatives

Indoor farming, also known as vertical farming, is a great way to make the most of the space available. With indoor farming, all variables can be monitored and regulated, resulting in a better yield, reduced water consumption, and reduced incidences of pests and disease that can lead to significant losses.

Vertical farming is essential in countries like Canada that have plenty of land, but only 7% of it is suitable for farming. With vertical farms, crops can be produced in major cities as well, reducing transportation costs and time.

Accurate yield prediction

New and improved farming technology is expected to provide more accurate information to farmers. They will be able to accurately predict the yield of their crops before it's harvested. Being able to accurately predict the yield gets rid of food waste and improves margins too. Yield monitoring will also help farmers make the more lucrative choice on the crops to grow.

Steve Maxwell from Vancouver BC, founder of Maxwell Capital, has 2 decades of experience in agritech efforts. He believes it has the capacity to transform agriculture in Canada. Agritech initiatives can protect and serve social and environmental causes, which is why Maxwell Capital provides agritech businesses with the investment required to achieve their goals. Steve Maxwell’s efforts for driving more funds into this industry have helped provide funding to many agritech initiatives. Get in touch with his representatives at (780) 851-1709 for more information about venture capital opportunities provided by the company.

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