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Innovative Ag-Tech Start-ups To Know About In Canada


Canada is one of the world’s largest agricultural countries. It’s the second biggest country in the world by landmass, and due to its small population in comparison, there’s plenty of room for crops and innovation in agriculture.

Canada is also the 5th largest exporter of agricultural goods, our main exports and products being oats, canola oil, lentils, and peas. With our country being so heavily dependent on agriculture, it’s crucial that we continue working on agricultural innovation. There’s plenty of potential for agritech in Canada, and plenty of agritech start-ups have been launched in the past few years. These agritech start-ups help farmers around the country increase the yield of the produce and make things more convenient and cost-efficient.

Here are some agriculture technology start-ups to know about in Canada:

Farm managing apps

Software and applications have made it easier for farmers and farm managers to take care of their produce that spans over many acres. Decisive Farming, an Alberta-based company,developed a patented My Farm Manager software that helps farm managers produce crops more efficiently. It can also improve the conditions of the farm, help market the crop, and protect margins. This software is used by about 1,500 farms in Canada, and they have managed to expand into the United States too.

Natural pest controls

Pest infestations can damage and cause great losses to farms and the Canadian economy as a whole. While there are plenty of chemical-based pesticides that can be used on crops, companies are working to develop natural pest controls to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and increase the crop’s yield.

Vertical farming systems

To increase the produce of cities and make the most of the area available, businesses have taken vertical farming initiatives. Reclaimed rainwater and LEDs are used to grow these plants, along with utilizing the data collected from these plants and adjusting the water levels, temperature, etc.

Steve Maxwell from Vancouver, BC, founder of Maxwell Capital, is a firm believer in the power of Agricultural technology and its capacity to transform agriculture in Canada. Agritech initiatives can protect and serve social and environmental causes, which is why Maxwell Capital provides agritech businesses with the investment required to achieve their goals. Steve Maxwell has over 20 years of combined experience in this industry and is driving more funds into the industry to encourage more businesses. Get in touch with his representatives at (780) 851-1709 for more information about venture capital opportunities provided by the company.

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