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How Technology In The Agricultural Sector Can Yield Growth


Long gone are the days when farming was purely labour-intensive. Nowadays, farmers are embracing technology for the ease of use and data analytics that help them with their crop maintenance.

Technological advancements can be seen in every industry, and agriculture holds no exceptions. Here are some elements of technology found in farming that help farmers make data-driven decisions that benefit them and their consumers.

Online Resources

For the longest time, farming was an independent practice. However, now farmers have the space to go online to gather resources and connect with individuals to better their agricultural practices.

Through the internet, farmers now have access to a wide variety of farming resources and tools which they never had much knowledge about previously. These tools help them understand and forecast their future crops accordingly. Additionally, the use of farming forums helps open dialogue about sustainable practices widely used in the farming sector. The support groups also encourage other agricultural professionals to go digital!

GPS Tracking

Manual labour can be significantly reduced for farmers through GPS tracking. Now, farmers can take a back seat and have tractors and drones equipped with GPS technology that can be monitored remotely and gives precise information about the processes taking place on the farm.

Through GPS tracking on tractors, farmers can virtually improve the placement of seeds on their farms, which reduces time and cost and enables precision. Additionally, using GPS on drone technology can help with time-intensive processes such as farmland mapping, livestock monitoring, and even crop management.

Smart Farming

When multiple technological advancements such as GPS, sensors, and mobile devices are integrated, smart farming makes for more efficient farming. The implementation of information technology into farming is what yields the Green Revolution, which is the agricultural development through new high-yielding crops made through technological advancements in farming.

In hopes of creating technological breakthroughs in Canadian agriculture, Steve Maxwell, owner and founder of Maxwell Capital, has been partnering with environmentally conscious start-ups that are hoping to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture. Through drone technology, Steve Maxwell hopes to give farmers the necessary equipment needed to not only introduce them to the future of agriculture but also to use it as a stepping stone towards a system that converts to smart agriculture. Find out more about his efforts and partnership details by calling his team at (780) 851-1709.

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