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Steve Maxwell - Founder

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Every successful company starts with a well-constructed team —Founding Partner, Steven Maxwell, has used his knowledge and expertise to spearhead a company that prioritizes the duality of agriculture technology with environmental initiatives. Steven has 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, which have allowed him to hone in on his ability to negotiate, act with sound-judgment, and utilize sharp decision-making skills to facilitate seamless mergers and acquisitions pursuant to specified company process and strategies. He understands that even when the industry changes, the fundamental skills should transcend it all. As a venture capital that focuses primarily on the advancement of agriculture, it is essential for our team to compartmentalize with tact in order to optimize the assistance we provide to each entrepreneur. 

Steven is no stranger to the multi-layered demands of an industry. He has served as president and Vice-president of several technology and finance companies have helped raised millions of dollars in investment funding, and his business and financial acumen is unmatched. While working as a construction project manager, he encountered diverse levels of leadership that required a various forms of adaptability. An educator of sorts himself, Steven does not back down from learning. Each challenge was accompanied by a different methodology or technique and he took that as an opportunity to exercise initiative, improve and inspire. He was able to leverage those skills into foresight into risk management. An affinity for risk management cannot be undervalued, especially as a venture capitalist. Maxwell Capital will have its fair share of unpredictability, but we have confidence in our ability to navigate spaces of uncertainty. We possess the know-how to be proactive in developing solutions to reduce risk and innovatively reactive in situations where anomalies arise. 

Maxwell Capital is as selective with its team as it is with the entrepreneurs and companies we partner with. We are intentional about working with businesses that compliment our company’s DNA. Consequently, our vetting process is intensive and purposeful. Having headed the review of over 200 operating companies for the purpose of acquisition and growth, Steven knows what qualities to look for to yield meaningful and successful Maxwell Capital venture partnerships. His insight on a company’s ability to grow and scale given its potentiality and actuality is instrumental.  He can quickly pinpoint operational challenges and determine whether they are quick fixes or hard liabilities. 

Steven’s leadership goes beyond himself. He educates his team and his communication is bilaterally effective. He is encouraging and allows room for criticism. One of the fundamental lessons he acquired through executive management is the importance of delegation and discretion. Steve wants to ensure that Maxwell Capital thrives, not only internally, but the success of the companies we partner with is paramount. In order for this vision to matriculate, we must be able to efficiently and effectively assign or allocate tasks in a manner that maximizes success. Understanding how to navigate through an individual’s strength and weaknesses can save any company a lot of time, money, and resources. When we partner with entrepreneurs and businesses, we want them to put their best foot forward, but we also want them to know that there are instances where we have to take the lead and their roles may change when it’s in the company’s best interest. 

The Maxwell Capital team is ultimately about creating partnerships that have long-term success commercially and environmentally.  Creating new ways to produce abundant, nutrient-rich food in a world where more than one billion people are undernourished and every five seconds a child dies of starvation. Pioneering solutions to sweeping environmental changes that threaten such essentials as water, air and soil.  

-Steve Maxwell, Founder

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