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What is Agricultural technology?

AgriTech is the answer to our aging farms and farming practices. As a growing population, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of an industry led by the “older” generation. By incorporating technology such as artificial intelligence, diverse and reliable data collection, and robotics, we are redefining the agricultural space and the agents who occupy them. Maxwell Capital is fully invested in this initiative. Our mandate prompts us to invest in socially transformative ventures that promote smart farming and bio-secure growing.

The Agriculture industry is making a noticeable shift in how we think about, talk about and experience the cultivation of plants and livestock in our world. The discourse of technology has undeniably transformed how we conduct business, interact with consumerism, and catalyse our economy. Agriculture is arriving late to the party, but arriving nonetheless. The recent pairing of technology with agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture aims to improve yield, efficiency and profitability within the field. Processes are being configured and reconfigured to enhance how we go from farm to fridge.


Smart farming


There is a positive correlation between the growing human population and the demand for food production in our society. Simply put: more bodies, more mouths. Farmers have been working tirelessly to keep up with the unavoidable need for more, but overextension is not enough. This is where smart farming comes in. Smart farming is the integration of technology into traditional farming practices in order to increase the quality, quantity, and efficiency of food production. If you think about it, you likely have already seen smart farming at work through various conversions of human labour to automation. You probably cannot recall the last time you saw a farmer walking through a field, manually seeding and planting. This is because seeding machines have replaced arduous labour with efficiency. These machines can cover more ground and, thanks to geo-mapping and comprehensive data collection, they operate with precision that optimizes the success of crop and harvest. Automation is still only the tip of the iceberg. Tools such as UAVs, sensors, drones, and the Internet of Things, are constantly being researched and re-engineered to revolutionize farming culture. AgriTech changes like this one are seemingly small, but they are important strides in the overall development of modern agriculture. At Maxwell Capital, we incubate and elevate these ‘small steps’ because we recognize their essentiality to moving the needle. As autonomous and robotic labour continues to evolve in the realm of farming, we want to invest in and contribute to the big ideas that will keep food from becoming a scarce resource.




Bio-security, namely the procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease or harmful biological agents, is woven intro the fabric of Maxwell Capital ventures. We have a duty to protect and preserve the lives of both humans and animals. As such, we invest in agriculture technologies that reduce and alleviate harm to all living organisms. We also work to develop intellectual property than can facilitate the promotion of bio-security for our ventures. Bio-security is important to agriculture because spontaneous disease outbreaks occur all the time. In order to reduce the vulnerability of plants, animals and people, we implement long-term solutions that are proactive and preventative. For example, the implementation of traditional fencing and geofencing that keep out neighbouring livestock is bio-security at work. When we partner with businesses, we commit wholly to making that business a market success and that means insisting on proactivity and helping you see the details that could be detrimental.

What are the benefits of

Agricultural Technology?

The Maxwell Capital team believes in the power of Agricultural technology, particularly as a means to protect and serve social and environmental initiatives. An investment in AgriTech is an investment in prolonging life on earth.


The Conservation of Water


Agricultural technology is a useful tool for the regulation and conservation of water. The use of sensors that predict soil moisture coupled with comprehensive weather tracking, allow farmers to use of water only when it is necessary. Technology produces more accurate information about farming conditions, ultimately reducing the guesswork that usually accompanies the overuse or underuse of water in farming and horticulture.


Increased Production and Quality


Thanks to automation, Artificial Intelligence, and even cloud technology, to name a few, agricultural discourse has evolved into a space of optimized production. Crop treatment and seeding, planting, and watering regimens have been redirected to machinery, allowing farmers and companies to spend less time and money on hard labour and operational costs. Advanced data collection tools also assist in predicting crop yield, the value of a farm, and precise distribution of pesticides.


Better Livestock Farming


AgriTech systems improve the detection of the reproductive health and general well being of animals. In addition, the implementation of geofencing is transforming the management and monitoring of livestock.


Reduced Environmental Footprints


It is critically important to Maxwell Capital that all partnerships result in a positive impact on the environment. We acknowledge the very real challenges of climate change and we believe that any AgriTech initiative that implements process of conservation is making a direct contribution to the reduction of environmental footprints.


Socially transformative ventures


At Maxwell Capital, we invest in businesses that share our vision for change. As the growth in Agritech continues to increase, so, too, will the need for funding and IP resources. When you come to us, we are intentional about forming a partnership of transformation. We specialize in structuring, managing, and facilitating capital investments, converting them into socially transformative ventures. We recognize that businesses will have varying needs and in order to achieve our shared common goal of market success, our partnerships have to be flexible. Depending on your needs and we will apply either a vertical or a horizontal integration strategy. As such, it is necessary that our partners and partnerships align with our values and integrity, again socially transforming commercial agricultural technological spaces. Maxwell Capital current leads a series of Smart Farming ventures that integrate the latest in AI and Machine Learning. We want to work with you to continue the development of agriculture technology.

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