Maxwell Capital is Western Canada’s newest venture capital firm, uniquely specializing in partnerships of industrial-agricultural initiatives. Founded in 2020, by titan of industry, Steven Maxwell, we are focused on environmentally conscious startups that bridge the gap between technology and agriculture.  With over 20 years of experience in industrial mergers, acquisitions, and project management, our venture capital investors have the knowledge and expertise to recognize an entrepreneur’s potential, incubate their ideas, and engage in strategic partnerships that yield exceptional companies.  

We are eager to work with Canadian Agritech entrepreneurs who are passionate about climate change and motivated by positive environmental impact. Over the next five years, we intend to expand our purview to include global industries as well. Our longstanding advocacy for the protection and preservation of Canadian agriculture and natural resources makes us ideal partners for green investment.  At Maxwell Capital we believe that true sustainability can be achieved through integration. As a result, we partner with innovative minds that recognize the essentialism of both science and nature, pioneering technologies that simplify how we save our planet. 

Unlike most traditional venture capital firms, our investment currency is intellectual property. Our partnerships start with the discovery of exceptional Agritech business models and ideas that compliment our green investment strategy. From there, we cultivate unique IP packages that cater to the needs of entrepreneurs.  Our investment goes far beyond IP capital. When we partner with startups, we engage in ongoing intellectual property management to ensure that our entrepreneurs have an in-depth understanding of the IP value, one that will translate into financial competence. 

Maxwell Capital is a valued source of insight and expertise for Agritech entrepreneurs who are passionate about innovation and serious about social and environmental change. As engaged partners, we enable your imagination and develop strategic plans to optimize industry success. 

Entrepreneurs can only go as far as their resources. The transformation of an innovative idea into a lucrative and successful business requires insightful mentorship, a network of supporters, financial leverage and investors who can recognize growth potential, align with the entrepreneurial passion and integrity of a brand then help to convert vision into commercial success. 

Steve Maxwell Vancouver, BC -


Creating new ways to produce abundant, nutrient-rich food in a world where more than one billion people are undernourished and every five seconds a child dies of starvation. Pioneering solutions to sweeping environmental changes that threaten such essentials as water, air and soil.  -Steve Maxwell, Founder

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Business in the Agricultural Technology Industry


Maxwell Capital partners exclusively with entrepreneurs within the Agri-tech sector.  More specifically, we are interested in business ideas that incorporate the use of technology and technological development to improve and enhance the productivity and efficiency of agriculture.  

While we are open to working with mature companies (up to three years in business), we primarily focus on startups in their pre-launch phase.  We believe that partnership at inception can facilitate stronger and more impact commercialized innovations. 

Environmental Initiatives


With a growing concern about the scarcity of non-renewable resources, climate change, and the threat they pose to nature, environmental sustainability is essential for Maxwell Capital partners. We strongly advocate for and champion entrepreneurial ideas that contribute to the preservation of life. Business models that incorporate environmental initiatives not only result in a positive impact for the environment, but they are also logistically and financially beneficial. 

Social Responsibility 


We pride ourselves in being a firm of ethics and morals. We believe in equal opportunity for men and women and strongly endorse the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Maxwell Capital partners are socially responsible and find the balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. When we partner with startups, we are indirectly endorsing the values of the entrepreneurs who create and curate Agritech innovation.  We encourage our partners to practice social responsibility in the development and production of their businesses. That expectation extends to team members and conglomerates when entrepreneurs become a part of Maxwell Capital. 

Actionable Vision 


Ideas are a dime a dozen. Good ideas are few and far between. Our ideal investment partner succinctly articulates an existing problem and a clear solution within industrial discourse. The entrepreneurial concept has a high level of significance, capable of inciting change and transforming agriculture both industrially and technologically. Our ideal investment partner has a sound business plan that outlines operation, organizational structure, financial strategy and profit projection.  
Most importantly, our partners demonstrate why working with Maxwell Capital is in the best interest of their company and can attribute value in making connections. 

The Right Team


Every Maxwell Capital partnership is about chemistry—chemistry with the brand, chemistry with our initiatives and team chemistry. In order to optimize our impact as a venture capital firm, every contributing member must be on the same page with shared enthusiasm and a commitment to the ultimate goal of propelling the brand forward to achieve commercial success. There must be a mutual understanding that every moving part is critical to the development of an exceptional business. The right team respects the diversity of varying thinking styles, maintains a high level of discipline and respect for the process of business development, and is invested in the growth, development and individualized success of its members. Lastly, for a relationship as intimate as investing, the right team enjoys working together with a common goal. 

Willingness to Take on a Control Investor


Maxwell Capital has an abundance of resources and expertise to ensure the successful commercialization of new ideas. We attract a broad spectrum of startups and entrepreneurs who recognize the invaluable nature of our partnerships. In some instances, our investments are so far-reaching, that they may require that we be control investors. Our partners prioritize the needs of the company and trust our ability to lead when it is the necessary method to bridge the gap between an innovative idea and industry success. We understand that business ownership is a fundamental component of partnership, so we are intentional about maintaining the identity, integrity and soul of startups.